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ArtWorks East (AWE) is an association of visual artists and crafters who live in Guysborough County. Our non-profit corporation began in 2019 and is listed with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks. We welcome local artisans of all ages and levels of experience as well as those who want to support the visual arts in our area.

Andrea Pottyondy

Art is my Truth, Art is a Healer, Art Makes Us Human
That’s the motto that Andrea lives by when creating works of art. She’s an artist who sees potential in common bits and pieces of everyday life, transforming ephemera and found objects into a new narrative.

Kas Stone

My life is shaped, my spirit is sustained, and my artwork is inspired by the wild moody landscapes around my home. I see beauty in scenery that many people dismiss as bleak: a windswept barrens, a foggy beach, a granite headland, a snowy field, a bog.

Bill Roy

I prefer working with pine because it burns deeper and makes the images sharper and I sketch wildlife because after spending over 60 years observing and recording animals in the woods it is what I enjoy drawing.

Ruth Fraser Gillie

I make wire and bead jewelry and other interesting items. I use all kinds of materials – wherever something pops up that speaks to me – including fish scales, cabochons (a gem polished but not faceted), and of course beads.

Lee Leonard

I have been a painter in oils for 50 years, although I sometimes work in acrylics or watercolors. I have also been a printmaker for 15 years working mostly with monoprints.

Joanna Miller

Joanna works mainly in oil and watercolour, and draws inspiration from the beauty and peace of the natural world. Through her paintings, Joanna seeks to capture the honest and simple character of the places she paints.

Rob Carter

Rob has deep local roots in the area where he and Beverley live in a restored 1910 family home overlooking Philips Harbour and Chedabucto Bay.

Carol Shirkey

My artistic energy emerged soon after retirement. I got hooked on creating new color patterns after my second grandchild was born. Playing with onesies!

Bernie Steger

10 years ago, Bernie became interested in Silversmithing after he spent a week watching a Amaster Silversmith in Mexico(who spoke no english). He then took up the crafts and self taught himself most of the techniques he uses today in Silversmithing.

Julie Robitaille

Julie Warmke-Robitaille has been painting since 1990 and studying with a variety of painters in the various media she loves: oils, acrylics, watercolors, and pastels.

Moni Duersch

The diverse range in my artistic style, my drive and yearning for new techniques, experimentation, and self-challenge leaves every artwork a special and unique piece to connect with.

Julie Anne Fox

My first love in art making has always been landscape and still life. While I visited Nova Scotia frequently over the years, I moved to Guysborough permanently in 2018.

Jenny Coolen

Jenny is a landscape watercolour artist. She finds inspiration in the beautiful seasons of Nova Scotia. She also enjoys painting commissions for her clients with subject matter such as cherished landscapes and bodies of water, old homesteads and beloved family pets.

Justina Dollard

Illustration is a principle practice that begins most of my work, but I experiment with many mediums depending on what forms and concepts I express. I have created a wide range of works.

Fallon Conway-Boyd

The scenes that inspire me on the ocean are the ones I get to capture through my lens and share with the world. The sea is a mix of excitement and fear that excites and motivates me to do what I do. I find myself constantly running the shore, either by foot or boat, seizing these moments.

Wilda Kaiser

My artistic vision is influenced by the wild natural landscape of the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.

Marie Rainey

I have always been a hat lover. So now I make them! Sewn sun hats, bucket hats, Scrunchies, dog bandanas, crocheted headbands, and clothing items near and far.

Renee Sagebear

During the COVID pandemic, I decided to write a book, which is now available through most online platforms.

Gianna Pellerin

I am always working to improve as an artist and tell stories through my work. If I can convince somebody, even just for a second, that the characters and stories I write are real, that makes it worth wild for me.

Tiffany Marentette

I am an acrylic paint pouring artist.
I choose painting pouring because I just love the cells and the way the paint flows on the canvas. It’s like a snowflake; no two paintings are the same.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where the skills and related products of the visual arts and crafts are appreciated, shared, taught, promoted, and purchased by residents and visitors, both young and old.

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Adrienne Betts accepted the Buoys Partnership award on behalf of ArtWorks East at the annual Gala. Click on the photo for a short video.

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