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ArtWorks East (AWE) is an association of artists and crafters who live in Guysborough County. Our non-profit corporation began in 2019 and is listed with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks. We welcome local artisans of all ages and levels of experience as well as those who want to support the visual arts in our area.

Justina Dollard

Illustration is a principle practice that begins most of my work, but I experiment with many mediums depending on what forms and concepts I express. I have created a wide range of works.

Sandy Winter

My love of working in inks probably stems from my practical background in printing. It is such a defining medium, like ying and yang; it gives me balance.

Ruth Fraser Gillie

I make wire and bead jewelry and other interesting items. I use all kinds of materials – wherever something pops up that speaks to me – including fish scales, cabochons (a gem polished but not faceted), and of course beads.

Kas Stone

My life is shaped, my spirit is sustained, and my artwork is inspired by the wild moody landscapes around my home. I see beauty in scenery that many people dismiss as bleak: a windswept barrens, a foggy beach, a granite headland, a snowy field, a bog.

Renee Sagebear

Even work on small paintings can take days, (working little by little), I notice myself feeling almost afraid as I begin, but then, once the pristine canvas is tackled, it’s full steam ahead.

Julie Anne Fox

My first love in art making has always been landscape and still life. While I visited Nova Scotia frequently over the years, I moved to Guysborough permanently in 2018.

Kenny Boudreau

Hardwood is the best for carving: maple, birch and spruce. I like straight grain on a wood. You have to carve with the grain. Some twisty wood can be used if I see something in it.

Andrea Pottyondy

Art is my Truth, Art is a Healer, Art Makes Us Human
That’s the motto that Andrea lives by when creating works of art. She’s an artist who sees potential in common bits and pieces of everyday life, transforming ephemera and found objects into a new narrative.

Lee Leonard

I have been a painter in oils for 50 years, although I sometimes work in acrylics or watercolors. I have also been a printmaker for 15 years working mostly with monoprints.

Wilda Kaiser

My artistic vision is influenced by the wild natural landscape of the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where the skills and related products of the visual arts and crafts are appreciated, shared, taught, promoted, and purchased by residents and visitors, both young and old.

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ArtWorks East
Another one: Letter to the World for 2021. ... See MoreSee Less
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Barbara Z Furlong
Greetings dear folks, here I offer my letter to the World, I wrote this in 2011 and find it appropriate each day, week, month and year. It is in the form of free standing poem...I ask for all available beings of the Light to attend me and join in the address to the Waters of the World. Water energies, I am speaking to you. I come with a heart full of love and compassion, asking you what it is that i can do to help you heal. May I touch your anger and grief of being used for a dumping groundMay I bless you with healing.On behalf of Humanity I ask for forgivenessMay I touch the flow of your energies that carry the pain and anguish of the ages, trapped in the ice for so long, now released.I bless you with peace and calm and safety and love.May I touch your waves that rise in anger for the destruction of your beautiful sea people and may I bless you with kindness and light and gratitude for the abundance you have gifted to us.May I touch the blue liquid of life from which we drink and bless you with gratitude.May I apologize for the greed and thoughtlessness that has changed your natural courses for the love of money and power.May I tell you that I trust that the new Souls of our Earth will no longer accept such manipulations and that they will make it possible for all beings to have clean water. May I tell you that there is a new consciousness within the people to work with you in appreciation and equality for All Beings.May I tell you that I love you and I am one with you.May I tell you that I feel your pain and that I desire to help.Please let me know what I can do. I am listening.....please carry these words to where they can be heard, felt and answered. And so it is.by Barbara Z. Furlong, Nova Scotia January 18, 2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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