Benefits of the Membership

Members of ArtWorks East will receive all relevant communications regarding meetings, plans, events, finances, resources, and opportunities. We actively invite members ideas, suggestions, and contributions for the development of the association.

Members are invited to attend all general meetings of the association, to initiate, share, and plan activities for the association, and to vote on matters of interest. They may serve on committees (to plan exhibitions or workshops, for example). Members are eligible to become directors and officers of the corporation.

ArtWorks East offers a free webpage to each artistic member of the association, which includes a photograph of the artist, brief biography, artist statement, contact information, and seven pictures of the artist’s work.

ArtWorks East may offer a variety of other activities each year such as exhibitions, workshops, juried shows, demonostrations, residencies, and so on. Eligibility for each event will be determined at that time and there may be an additional cost to enter. 

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