Bernie Steger

About 10 years ago, Bernie became interested in Silversmithing after he spent a week watching a Master Silversmith in Mexico (who spoke no english). He then took up the craft and taught himself most of the techniques he uses today in his Silversmithing. All of his creations are designed and fabricated in his workshop. Most sterling silver pieces you see for sale today are made by using wax molds, so there is virtually no creativity in the process. Bernie designs all his own pieces and every piece of silver is hand forged, no molds. Made the old fashion way, by hand and with love.

About Bernie Steger

Introducing Bernie Steger of Canso Nova Scotia. – Silversmith.

In Bernie’s previous life, he ran a large goat farm in Ontario with his wife Pat, while working off the farm. In 2007, he retired and sold everything moving fulltime into a 5th wheel travelling most of north and central america. In 2016, Bernie and his wife decided they needed some roots again and purchased a lovely home in Canso, NS retiring the 5th wheel. Winters are spent in deep south texas where he teaches silversmithing at the RV resort they stay in.

In 2020, his wife convinced him to start selling his creations as her jewelry stash had become quite large, so the obvious choice was for Bernie to join AWE to help in his new phase of his career.

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Contact Information

Address: 59 Main Street, Canso, Nova Scotia


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