Bill Roy

I prefer working with pine because it burns deeper and makes the images sharper and I sketch wildlife because after spending over 60 years observing and recording animals in the woods it is what I enjoy drawing.

About Bill

I came to Guysborough County in 1995 as an RCMP Officer in charge of the local detachment and retired here after a 30-year career.

My love of nature and being in the woods started around the age of 12 when I would go hunting and fishing with my father. I started sketching around that time to try and capture the wildlife I saw during my travels. My career with the RCMP had me travelling across Canada where I observed the native wildlife in the country. During my career, I found drawing was a creative outlet for the stress of the job and in 1987 I was given a pyrography kit for Christmas. I created my first piece shortly after and discovered my love of the craft. Over the years I have created many pieces and have even done custom work on cupboards for two hunting camps.

Contact Information

W. R. Roy



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