Carol Shirkey

Color Splash Designs by Carol
I inherited my artistic genes from my mother who was forever painting with oils and acrylics.
My artistic energy emerged soon after retirement. I got hooked on creating new color patterns after my second grandchild was born. Playing with onesies!

About Carol

I am a retired business office accountant and have worked in various office environments such as civil engineering and city government. My husband and I lived most of our lives in Tallahassee, FL. After our children were grown, we took a leap of faith and moved out west to Colorado. Currently we reside on the Western Slope of Colorado during the winter and spring and then make the long, adventurous journey to Port Felix NS during the summer and fall months.

The artwork medium presented to Artworks East is recoloring on various types of natural fabrics of clothing and handbags. Although most of my designs cater to women, I also redesign men’s clothing. Every piece is unique. What I see in my head usually is not what forms on the fabric; and therefore, the finished product is always a surprise – every time a new piece is completed it’s like Christmas morning as a child! In addition to redesigning articles of clothing and handbags, I also burn personal photographic images onto wood creating usable pieces of art with clothing hooks.

Contact Information


Phone: (902) 385-2710 (landline)

              (850) 524-9810 (cell)


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