Gianna Pellerin

I am always working to improve as an artist and tell stories through my work. I aim to inspire and entertain others, and to better communicate the way I see the world. If I can convince somebody, even just for a second, that the characters and stories I write are real, that makes it worth wild for me.


About Gianna

I’m a 15 year old artist living in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. I mostly work with whatever pencils and scrap paper I can find, but I have been practising digital art as well. While art has always had a place in my art, I really started practising art in middle school, mostly as a hobby. Now I’m aiming to work in animation when I’m older, and working on my own personal projects in my spare time.  I still consider myself an amateur artist, but my most notable achievement is illustrating a children’s book in the midst of the pandemic.

My work is inspired by lots of anime, manga, cartoons, and assorted artists I’ve idolized over the years. I’m not sure what in particular I try to portray with my art, but I’m very passionate about storytelling. I love working on stories with lots of worldbuilding and eccentric fantastical plots, and I especially enjoy writing and designing characters. My ultimate dream would be a director of my own show, but any job that pays me to draw is one I would enjoy.

Contact Information

Address: Guysborough NS

Instagram: @captain_crunchhhhhh



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