Justina Dollard

Illustration is a principle practice that begins most of my work, but I experiment with many mediums depending on what forms and concepts I express.  I am introspective and my dreams also inform my practice of art.  I have created a wide range of works.  My last showings were of abstract works in experimental mediums containing ephemera collected while cleaning beaches.  I am currently focusing on representational acrylic paintings of landscapes, seascapes and wildlife that have been photographed in Nova Scotia.  I also regularly create pen drawings of my dreams, tonal graphite renderings from photographs, and small watercolor paintings.  I like to experiment with fabric work and small sculpture. Commissions for paintings are accepted and enjoyed. 

About Justina

I have always been an artist.

I am originally from Canso, Nova Scotia and currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  After graduating at 17 in 1999, I then resided in the Annapolis Valley for several years before landing in Halifax.  The landscape of Nova Scotia is familiar and comforting to me, and I have spent a great deal of time in nature all around the province.

During high school I began selling portraits.  I worked in the valley as support for an arts and crafts studio run for people with disabilities. I went on to study Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  I worked as a vendor for temporary mehandi on the waterfront and music festivals.  My first showing in Halifax in 2009 was a self-published book of illustrations and writing at a nonprofit art gallery and studio for people with disabilities, where I continued as a facilitator and later became the Executive Director until 2019.

Over the past ten years, I have had about a dozen showings of watercolor and acrylic paintings while participating once or twice a year in artist markets and in group showings.

Contact Information

Email: toviewtheart@gmail.com

Facebook: @anillustratorsbaddream

Instagram: @theladyjustina

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