I have always been a hat lover. So now I make them! Sewn sun hats, bucket hats, Scrunchies, dog bandanas, crocheted headbands, and clothing items near and far.

About Marie

I inherited my artist abilities from both sides of my family. My mother made clothing for me when I was young and my father was a singer in a church choir. He also built our home and a boat.

I started out sewing when I was young. I continued to make outfits for other family members. Continuing on with my creative ability, I got my licence as a hair stylist. I worked on that craft for 10-plus years and then my husband and I opened our own bakery. It was called Pioneer Bakery, located in Port Elgin, ON. I learned how to cake decorate there and all was successful so I decided to do wedding cakes.

Throughout the years we moved quite a bit, living in BC, AB, ON, Guatemala and NS. Now that my husband and I are semi retired and living in Guysborough, I decided to take more time doing some things I love.

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