Moni Duersch

The diverse range in my artistic style, my drive and yearning for new techniques, experimentation, and self-challenge leaves every artwork a special and unique piece to connect with. I invite you into my world, to identify with my creations, step outside your comfort zone, and challenge yourself to find meaning and inspiration in your life.


About Moni

I began my journey as a creative and versatile artist while attending the Atzbach School of Graphic Arts and Design and then working as a commercial artist and designer until 1994. 

Born and raised in Ingelheim, Germany in 1967, I derive my passion and inspiration from the world around me. My appreciation for poetry and music, love of my four children, and fondness of the animal kingdom have guided my artistic path over the years.

While working my fulltime occupation as a mother, I took on several private commissions, such as designing children’s bedrooms and daycare spaces. Here I was able to hone my skills and versatility with various materials and techniques while creating fantasy drawings, sculptures, and paintings.

Since moving to Canada in 2001, I have continued with private commissions, as well as done numerous projects for the Municipality of Guysborough, La Societe de Acadienne, the Chedabucto Place Performance Center, and theater productions. I also offer art workshops and use my creativity and skills for volunteer work in schools and the surrounding communities.

Recently I have returned to my roots and interest in world preservation. I want to challenge the viewer to take an intensive, bona fide look at controversial topics, such as mental health and climate change, while encouraging compassion. My art will open the viewer’s eyes to the problems that humanity and mother earth face in this century.

Contact Information

Address: Whitehead, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902 358 2425 (home)

Phone: 902-318-0390 (cell)




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