Tiffany Marentette

The tools that I use for my pieces vary depending on how I’m feeling at the time I’m creating. I use my fingers, many different paint brushes, bottles, balloons, solo cups, shot glasses, or straws. The timing for every painting is different; it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 days. 

The steps I take for many of my paintings include location, music, lay out all paints and supplies so they are close and ready, choose colours, cover canvas with base paint, pour mix of colours, blow out with straw or mouth, and just keep moving the paint around until I feel it’s right. I set it aside to dry; it can take days.

About Tiffany

I am an acrylic paint pouring artist. I choose painting pouring because I just love the cells and the way the paint flows on the canvas. It’s like a snowflake; no two paintings are the same.

I started painting many years ago in high school with oil paints.Then life happened and I got back into it again recently. I have learned more about my craft by watching videos of other artists and just by trial and error with my own paintings. Honestly I just hope people enjoy having my work in their homes as much as I do. I just moved to Nova Scotia in 2022. My parents have lived here for years, so my kids and I have visited often. I feel like all my life I have been very artsy and creative. 


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